Somehow nothing exactly stand out for me in 2018, either I am self-absorbed, or I am just apathetic about life.
Looking back on my social media (sometimes, the best tracker is your social media account), I am lucky to be able to have traveled extensively in 2018. On the travel front, I am fortunate to participate in Diner en Blanc Paris. Oh boy, what a magical event! The friendship that extended from the event is something that I will deeply treasure. And there is the family trip to Japan and my first trip to Hawaii. Continuing my tradition of traveling for an exhibition, I traveled to Canberra for the Cartier’s exhibition and went to Gold Coast for Digital marketer conference.
There were a few departures, and one that I only get to know is in the last week. The departure of my beloved neighbour just before Lunar New Year. I wished I can make it and say goodbye, but such is life. And there is a dear yoga friend, whom we spent a month in India and she teaching me all about the cigar. I smoked my first cigar, the slim kind, then. Then is E’s mom, who left us rather suddenly. With that, she also departed from my life. It still feels weird that I lost a friend — however, all we can do it to respect her decision. I am also somewhat guilty about not being there for X’s mom death. I rang him up and spoke to him. I can feel his pain. He has been a dear friend of mine of ages, and I guess I felt the need to protect him. And the inability to do either, it somewhat frustrating.
The funny thing about death is the mirror and reality it showed you. E’s mom death prompted a gathering from a group of friends that I have not met for ten years. We take people for granted and never thought more about it. It also prompted me to treasure the time that I have with my parents.

xoxo dazednconfused xoxo